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キッチンカー FOODTRUCK  Shaved Ice



I started a shaked iceber of mobile sales with the desire to have plenty of people shake the fluffy shaved ice sticking to homemade syrup.In addition to the classic strawberry milk etc., we also have original syrup which can be tasted only at our shop such as caramel milk, honey lemon, shiso milk.
In addition, original limited syrup of events limited quantity will be released. Please stay tuned.

[Honey Milk Matcha Green Tea Shaved Ice] used real luxury Matcha tea is exquisite with the handmade condensed milk with the bitterness and flavor of Matcha. Matcha taste, which is very popular among overseas customers, is a strict product at Tokyo Edo Week!

In the crepes, we baked sweet potatoes in the oven for 2 and a half hours with low heat, and combined with fresh cream 【yakiimo latte】 is recommended.